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Cos She Is - Stamp by ForbiddenZodiac Cos She Is - Stamp by ForbiddenZodiac
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FlutterShy is a Mary-Sue! She is overrated, silky mane, and too connect with nature!!!
Twilight is a Mary-Sue! She have wings, Magical power, leader, and full of knowledge!!!
Celestia is a Mary-Sue! She had god-like power, kind, and blah, blah, blah...

Seriously, do you treat every pony you hate into a Mary-Sue? Before you flame these pones, go check Luna:
1. Turn into Nightmare Moon before of lonely and jealous. Make eternal night to fulfilled her own needs.
-Just a little fact, no food will grow without sunlight. Eternal night may kill a lot of ponies from starving.
-Coldness, it's still exceptable as long ponies can handle it. But if some die of freezing?
2. Never show up in a various shows.
-When Celestia about to fight Chrysalis, Luna doesn't show up.
-Luna never help Celestia on thinking how to save from any Antagonist. Only ask Celie what should they do.
3. Have nerve to attack Celestia
-Celestia is the elder sister, at least Luna must respect her! She don't mean harm, Luna just don't wanna do her job well.
4. Not Faust's design.
-Hasbro designed her mane completely different. S1E1 Luna's mane is better. Celestia is the only one who have that kind of mane.
-Faust's Luna design have lighter color, and one colored mane.
5. Only helping Fillies.
- First, Scootaloo. Two, Sweetie Bell. Third, Apple Bloom. WHY IS SHE ONLY HELPING FILLIES?!! At least help main six!!!
6. Weird Eye lashes.
-Well, not a lot of explaination.

And more, to let you know:
Derpy is also annoying to me. Famous from error animation.

Don't dare to say that other ponies are Mary-Sue without knowing your favorite pony first!

"Luna can control both stars and moon, she's stronger than Celestia". Idiot. Twilight controls the stars, not Luna.
"Celestia is weak, she use the Elements to banish poor Luna to the moon". Look at the reality side, if eternal night really happens, is it makes you happy?
"Luna is prettier than Celestia. I'm gonna cosplay her as Elsa, Forzen rules!" I don't care. Luna's a queen, Celestia's a goddess. Cadence is a queen faster than Luna. (She's married)
"Her color schemes makes her attracted, the moon is beautiful". Agree, moon is beautiful, but Luna have uncreative all blue shade colors.
"Don't insult her!!! She's the best princess!" Best princess? More like the most overrated princess.

She is NOT stronger than Celestia, they need each other, and no ponies stronger than the others.
"Poor Woona, being banished to the moon." It's her own fault that Luna didn't want to listen to Celestia.

Don't get the wrong idea, i love nights, but it's so dark and not a lot of activities can be done easily.
Nights can be romantic with some lights. Nights can be beautiful with some accessories. But to be night forever is over the limit.
Don't spam me of the moon's brightness. It's not it'sown light, it reflects from the sun. Without sun, the moon can't glow.

"You're so arrogant! No pony can be stronger and more beautiful than her!!!"
That's why i said she's a Mary-Sue, dummy.

You got reasons to hate the Rarity, AppleJack, FlutterShy, Twilight, even Celestia. Do you think i got no reason to hate Luna and Derpy?

A lot of people hates Celestia because of the "poor" Luna. The proves are videos of Celestia bansih Luna to the moon happily, Trollestia, and more.
Celestia is a Motherly-Figure pony, she takes care of everyone. She banish Luna to the moon because she's a wise Pony.
Even when Luna's back, she hugs her and cried. It proof that Celestia did miss Luna after thousand years pass.

I love Lauren Faust's design, Luna's original mane, not copying Celestia's.

For a record, i don't hate her so much. I adore her like a normal other ponies. But her fans are getting rude and arrogant towards other characters.
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June 14, 2015
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